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Grand Opening

December 13, 2011

The grand opening was Saturday, December 3rd, we are NOW up and running!
Dennis Embert Sensei
Demonstrating technique at a Seminar



Here at KOKIKAI SILICON VALLEY we offer self defense and wellness for you mind and body. You will train with high ranked and internationally recognized instructors. You will learn self-defense, mind and body coordination, and how to achieve your strongest state.

KOKIKAI AIKIDO is a martial art where you learn to defend yourself against larger, stronger, multiple, or even armed attackers! This is done through Ki (your unlimited internal power) development exercises, physical training, and learning techniques that require little effort on your part, but that have a devastating effect on an attacker.

Other martial arts use force against the force of an attack, this requires you train long hours to become physically powerful enough to over-come your attackers power. We develop your “strongest state of excellence” With age and time physical power diminishes. There are age, sex and weight divisions in other martial arts; acknowledging there is a limit to your ability to over-come larger, more powerful opponents.

No such limit exists in KOKIKAI AIKIDO, white belts/black belts, strong/weak, young/old, and men/women, all train comfortably together and throw each other effectively. KOKIKAI AIKIDO uses a different kind of power that actually becomes stronger the longer you practice, regardless of age, size, or physical strength. After practice you will walk off the mat calm, relaxed and feeling great! THIS IS OUR PROMISE!